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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 | 0Superstar (s)!

Suddenly, fifth fomer was shocked with "AMBANG SPM" Err, Diambang watie betol ! Next monday, paper BM. Yeah. Our brain just like  machine, is it ?  Jawab paper pun laju kan macam machine gun. Pap pap pap pap dapat kan ? Easy :>

Motive ? Envy ! Haha.  Tak puas hati dengan trial. Okay fine. No choice right. But, for mathematics nak buat all out sebab hari tu punya sangat teruk. Problem ? CARELESS. Yeah. It's me. Confuse. Yeah alwayss. Haha. Err, fucking nervous. God, please help :/

I dont know what is wrong with me. handy to give up. Aduh. Come on lah adik ! Make an effort. You can do it lahh. Believe on yourself. For your future. Your bright future. Wahh. Okay for core subject. Should be all A okayy. Go Adik Go !!

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Assalamulaikum :) I'm Siti Nursyaffiqa Binti Ahmad & 20 y/o. Came from my mother's womb and certainly i'm raised in here, Kuala Lumpur.You know my name, not my story :)

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