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An unexpected life.
Saturday, 22 October 2011 | 0Superstar (s)!

Yeahh, lifes is so difficult to predict. Lifes also like a wheel. Kadangkala kita dekat atas, kadangkala kita dekat bawah, bila kita dekat atas tu, jangan seronok sangat sebab kita akan kebawah juga nanti :>

Aku tak sangka yang aku akan hilang orang yang aku betul-betul sayang. Yeahh. But, it was over a year ago. Err, every second that passed day by day i have tried to forget you. But, i was not able to do that :/ God please help me. I can't bear this anymore.

Now, friends becomes enemies and vice versa. Its was unexpected. Err. I hope Allah give me a fucking great life to me. Amin :>  I'm easy to forgive what they did to me. But, its hard to forget.

I love all my friend :>

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Assalamulaikum :) I'm Siti Nursyaffiqa Binti Ahmad & 20 y/o. Came from my mother's womb and certainly i'm raised in here, Kuala Lumpur.You know my name, not my story :)

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